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[톡톡! CNBC] Inherent = 유일한

테슬러의 주가, 고공행진을 하고 있는 반면 시가 총액은 그리 크지 않습니다. 여기서는 GM과 비교했네요. 문장 짚어보시죠.

[Tesla's trade has a market cap that's only 25% of GM. (테슬라의 시가총액 대비 거래량은 GM의 25%에 불과하다.)]

• market cap (Market capitalization) = market value 시가총액, 발행 주식의 총 가격

회사 규모 산정의 기준이 됩니다.

[Tesla has brought out a vehicle that takes the inherent advantages in electric vehicles. (테슬라는 전기차 시장에서 유일하게 이득을 거둘 수 있는 자동차를 개발했다.)]

• Inherent = 타고난, 고유한, 유일한

[Electric cars have inherent powers to help the environment. (전기차는 환경 보호에 도움이 되는 고유한 특성을 지니고 있다.)]

[Heeya has inherent powers to tell her interns what to do. (희야는 인턴에게 업무 지시를 내리는 타고난 능력이 있다.)]

[CNBC 영어자막] 

Tesla's trade has a market cap that's only 25% of GM's and they are selling only 20,000 units a year, but I think you have to look at the growth projectory and profitability in this market. 

It's very difficult to find auto companies that can do margins that are above the average, well above the average, and we think that there's a lot of things about Tesla that's going to support that for a long time.

You know when I was talking about the 200,000 units of volume near the end of the decade, that's only one-quarter of 1% of the global automotive market.

So we see a lot of growth past that because Tesla, we think, has brought out a vehicle that takes advantage of, the inherent advantages in electric vehicles, and no one else is doing that right now.  

(자세한 내용은 동영상을 시청하시기 바랍니다)  

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